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Here's a list of frequently asked questions:

What are the new FIFA rules and how do they apply to KICKIT365 games?

FIFA updated/changed some new laws starting in June, 2019. Please click here to view a slideshow to review how the new laws will be applied at KICKIT365 games. 

I'm new to the area. How can I get involved with a team?


Welcome to San Francisco! You can get involved by signing up as a free agent (individual) and we'll set you up with a team. Look for details under the "registration" drop-down menu

What are the league requirements for jerseys?

All team members must wear a matching team jersey with a number printed on the back

What type of shoes should I wear for Futsal?

Both Hamilton and St Mary's Recreation Centers are wooden floors. You should wear non-skid, non-black soled shoes. Flat indoor soccer shoes are recommend but you can also wear tennis shoes too.

What type of shoes should I wear for the outdoor leagues?

Almost all of our outdoor leagues are currently played on synthetic turf. You are welcome to wear soccer style turf cleats or regular soccer cleats with studs. No football, baseball, softball or cleats with metal studs are allowed. You can play in tennis shoes, but it is not recommended as it will be slippery due to the flat surface of tennis shoes.

Is it required to wear shin guards?​​​​

Yes, in all our leagues it is required that you wear shin guards. This is for your safety and the safety of the other players

Is slide tackling allowed?​​​​

No, in all our leagues (men's, women's and coed) there is no sliding allowed. Even if it is just you alone with the ball. This is for your safety and the safety of the other players. Any person that slides will be issued a yellow card and the team must play short for 2 min.

Where can I find the team schedule and standings?

 Click here

How long is the game?

All of the league games are one hour with 2 - 25 minute halves. The only exception is play-offs. For week 8 (play-offs) each game is 40 min with 2 - 20 minute halves. 

When is the team roster due?

The team roster (with at least 12 players) must be submitted at least one week prior to the start of the session. Any changes must be submitted to league prior to game #2. On game #2 all rosters are locked and no further changes can be made.

Are there any refunds/credits/exchanges?

Once payment has been received by the league, there are no refunds/credits/exchanges for any reason. 

How many women do I need for a coed team?

The minimum number of women on a coed team is two players on the field at all times (can always be more). The league recommends you have at least 3-4 women for a coed roster. 

What is the roster capacity?

The base registration includes 12 players. You can have up to 16 players on your roster (for an additional fee). Only roster players can participate in play-offs. 

When are guest players allowed?

Guest players are allowed for games 1-7 only. No guest players are allowed for week 8 - play-offs. Guest players from within the league (same day of the week) are free. Guest players from outside the league are charged a guest fee to play

Are games played in the rain?

Yes, all games are ON rain or shine. Almost all our fields are turf, so the fields will not be shut down due to rain. If the conditions worsen while playing, the referee and/or field manager will cancel the game only if there is lightening or thunder in the area. Assume all games are on and have fun playing in the rain! 

Can I get a refund?

As stated on the registration form, there are no refunds/credits/exchanges for any reason once registration payment is received by the league. Staffing and field reservations have already been reserved. Refunds are not issued in the event of non-participation in team registrations. 

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